Show at R.Jampol Project(s), July 31-August 31, 2014

I am showing at R. Jampol Projects at 191 Henry Street in Manhattan from July 31 through August 31. The show is titled PESTS, Shawabits and Mint Box Collages.

The gallery is open Thursday through Sunday from 12-6 and the opening is Thursday, July 31 from 6-8 pm

Press Release –

Inspired by the Street Art movement, immediate interactivity of social media and a desire to free art from its function as commodity,See Me Tell Me, makes small, anonymous, slightly magical packages which she leaves – one critic called it gifting – across the world. Over 4,000 have been released in the US, UK, France, Cuba, Cambodia, Turkey, Germany, Spain, and Australia since June 2010. Using low-art materials she creates series dealing with historic and contemporary art, artists and styles, fashion, vanity, play, protest, and travel. After developing a concept she manufactures the works within a limited time period and then places the works in public areas – the street and the subway – for viewers to take away and add to their collections.

The website address and QR code are placed on each piece to elicit viewer responses which have ranged from a brief, “I found one,” to remarkable lengthy messages on how the works have affected the collector’s lives. 

This exhibition will consist of a selection of her recent works from the Shawabits and Pest series, a collection of daily collages and plaques from her Monarch and One Inch Missive series, a group of cyanotype prints, mint box assemblages with small lights, and an assortment of her other See Me Tell Me projects.