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Seventeenth Series: Chelsea Medallion. 100 works will be created. Collages placed October through December in New York. Each collage consists of a 1 ¼ inch diameter medallion label with an image shot with a fish eye lens of a work of art shown in a Chelsea Gallery that I found especially significant. On verso is the artist’s name, the title of the work, the gallery that exhibited the work, and the number in the series. The work is hung from a red string and attached to an ART sticker. Following is the list of all works by artist's name and where you can view their works. Click on the artist's name to connect to their gallery or web-site.
No. 1:
Travis Cilders
No. 2:
Carla Zaccagnini
No. 3:
No. 4:
Robert Lazzarini
No. 5:
Lori Field
No. 6:
Zilvinas Kempinas
No. 7:
Nathan Carter
No. 8:
Nakhee Sung
No. 9:
Philippe Parreno
No. 10:
Philippe Parreno
No. 11:
Robert Gober
No. 12:
Alan McCollum
No. 13:
Katharina Fritsch
No. 14:
Polly Applebaum
No. 15:
Judy Pfaff
No. 16:
Louise Bourgeois / Tracey Emin
No. 17:
Roy Lichtenstein
No. 18:
Louise Bourgeois / Tracey Emin
No. 19:
Pipilotti Rist
No. 20:
Roy Lichtenstein
No. 21:
Ingrid Calame
No. 22:
Cecilia Edefalk
No. 23: Ryan Kitzen नो। 24: Carol Prusa
No. 25:
Linda Mieko Allen
No. 26:
Andy Warhol
No. 27:
Dale Chihuly
No। 28:
Airan Kang
No। 29: Mac Premo
No। 31 : Sarah Sze
No. 32:
Dan Flavin
No। 33: Roxie Paine
No। 34: Roxie Paine
No. 35: Roxie Paine
No। 36: Roxie Paine
No। 37: Roger Shimomura
No. 39: Claudio Bravo
No। 40: Claudio Bravo
No। 41: Claudio Bravo
No. 42: Brice Marden

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