Hey - I started a website and that is where all my updates are. See it at seemetellmenyc.com 

But on this blog you can see all my older works, my shows, my press and all the great email comments I got on the works until late 2014. After that I switched to instagram and there are great responses there too - @seemetellmenyc

Here is the gist - I make small, anonymous and slightly magical packages which I gift across the world; over 8,000 in the US, UK, France, Italy, Cuba, Cambodia, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Iceland, Italy, Australia, and lots of other places. 

My belief is a return to what I feel has been lost in art -  surprise, chance, enchantment - and a desire to replace art as a commodity through interactivity and community.

If you found one of my works I would love to hear all about it - email me  or  tweet  or Instagram


Three Bean Salad, 2017

New mini series, only 10 of them, THREE BEAN SALAD, to celebrate 4th of July weekend. I always loved my Mom and Grandmas' three bean salad - yellow, green, red beans, onions, sugar and lots of vinegar (German ancestry). It told me along with cucumber salad, in the same vinegar, potato salad, brats, hot dogs, and later beer, my summer was in full swing.

So these are little hard plastic vessels about an inch tall and in diameter with a soft plastic cap. I filled them with layers of liquid plastic, toys, trinkets, beads, shells. The color scheme - the primaries and a bit of gold here and there. I'll put them out sometime in July. Open the lid for my instagram link and addition number.


Listen, 2016-2017

For this series I found a cast of an ear, made a rubber mold and created hundreds in a selection of colors. They are hand painted and collaged with the simple message...LISTEN.


Gift, 2016

For this series took a child's toy, made a rubber mold, and cast hundreds of little hands in a myriad of colors. To each I added a "gift" - a string of beads, a locket, bottles of sparkles, mirror, and all sorts of other found objects. They will be installed various ways; the usual magnets, ribbon, string, but some will be screwed into wooden bits around the city.


Minute Collages, ed. 200

These tiny projects, at 2 x 1 inches, are made of liquid plastic, a dash of black sand and various found objects - glitter, sequins, toys, mirror, glass bottles, beads, coins, shells, and a touch of metalic paint. I will be placing these in NYC this summer and perhaps in Canada.

If you found one of them please tell me.


SeeMeTellMe Dreamer Series: Teddy, ed. 100

This is a collaborative work. A self portrait of my nephew Teddy 3-D printed at 4 inches. I made a rubber mold and I am casting them in various colors of liquid plastic one by one with a dash of glitter thrown.

He stands, hands in pockets with a tiny silver heart hanging at his breast. I dry scumble the details of the work with black, silver, and gold paint. The edition is scribbled on the label.

I will be placing these in NYC, Louisville, and in the Four Corners area.

If you found one of them please tell me.

  I'll be releasing 200 PESTS and 200 1-INCH MISSIVES all over the Bushwick Collective from June 5-7, 2015. 

Come see and collect.

Please instagram or tweet when you take one 
using the hashtag #seemetellmenyc 

Show at R.Jampol Project(s), July 31-August 31, 2014

I am showing at R. Jampol Projects at 191 Henry Street in Manhattan from July 31 through August 31. The show is titled PESTS, Shawabits and Mint Box Collages.

The gallery is open Thursday through Sunday from 12-6 and the opening is Thursday, July 31 from 6-8 pm

Press Release –

Inspired by the Street Art movement, immediate interactivity of social media and a desire to free art from its function as commodity,See Me Tell Me, makes small, anonymous, slightly magical packages which she leaves – one critic called it gifting – across the world. Over 4,000 have been released in the US, UK, France, Cuba, Cambodia, Turkey, Germany, Spain, and Australia since June 2010. Using low-art materials she creates series dealing with historic and contemporary art, artists and styles, fashion, vanity, play, protest, and travel. After developing a concept she manufactures the works within a limited time period and then places the works in public areas – the street and the subway – for viewers to take away and add to their collections.

The website address and QR code are placed on each piece to elicit viewer responses which have ranged from a brief, “I found one,” to remarkable lengthy messages on how the works have affected the collector’s lives. 

This exhibition will consist of a selection of her recent works from the Shawabits and Pest series, a collection of daily collages and plaques from her Monarch and One Inch Missive series, a group of cyanotype prints, mint box assemblages with small lights, and an assortment of her other See Me Tell Me projects.


Sixty-third series: st. richard the patron saint of stray cats, ed. 100 
My husband and I said farewell to one of our cats last month. 14 years ago, a young, weary, ill, battered, yet feisty little cat ordered us to adopt her. We will miss her clarion call, her incredibly mink-soft gray fur, her tip of the tailflip, and her imperious attitude. So many street cats need folks like us, actually husbands like mine, to care for and adopt them. So, I cast a small votive St. Francis figure I found, added a bit of paint and some thread, string, trinkets, bells, beads, etc. They will be placed anywhere some cats are waiting to be cared for.


Missing Monuments/ Eulogiai series: Banksy/Red Hook
This ongoing series will point to and explore relationships between older pilgrimages and fetish objects now conducted under the name of tourism. We are all familiar with the medieval pilgrimages of the devout but the history of fetishistic eulogiai is far vaster. These mementos were manufactured and sold at holy sites in ancient times to be left in tribute, to request blessings and rejuvenation, and as venerated keepsakes. New York City is full of pilgrimage sites; the Statue of Liberty for the immigrant, Ground Zero for the patriotic, Wall Street for the moneyed. But I intend to highlight and rediscover similar sites devoted to the name of ART by creating tributes which will guide devotees to the locations and provide a token to document the missing work and the travels of the art tourist. 

These heart eulogiai will be placed at the site of the removed 2013 Banksy mural periodically to mark its demise and the selfishness of those who hacked it out of the wall.