Missing Monuments/ Eulogiai series: Banksy/Red Hook
This ongoing series will point to and explore relationships between older pilgrimages and fetish objects now conducted under the name of tourism. We are all familiar with the medieval pilgrimages of the devout but the history of fetishistic eulogiai is far vaster. These mementos were manufactured and sold at holy sites in ancient times to be left in tribute, to request blessings and rejuvenation, and as venerated keepsakes. New York City is full of pilgrimage sites; the Statue of Liberty for the immigrant, Ground Zero for the patriotic, Wall Street for the moneyed. But I intend to highlight and rediscover similar sites devoted to the name of ART by creating tributes which will guide devotees to the locations and provide a token to document the missing work and the travels of the art tourist. 

These heart eulogiai will be placed at the site of the removed 2013 Banksy mural periodically to mark its demise and the selfishness of those who hacked it out of the wall.